Wednesday, 1 March 2017


This single post blog tells the true story of James Parkin, who had encopresis as a child and often messed his pants up to the age of 11.  It is intended to be read by children who have soiling problems and uses simple language to explain why James started having poo accidents and how he was able to overcome his toilet issues.

Many children who soil feel isolated and alone, and are often unable to talk about their bathroom problems with others.  This blog is designed to help them feel less alone and encourage them to try to use the toilet.  Children with encopresis often find comfort from discovering they are not the only child who suffers from this condition and enjoy reading stories about fellow sufferers.  Parents of younger children may prefer to read through James’s story with their child.  It is hoped that the blog also helps parents to start a conversation with their child about their soiling.

Adults who would like to read more about James’s story should go to his blog for parents in which he gives a detailed account of many aspects of his soiling problems: Childhood Soiling

James Parkin has also written two fictional books for children aged 6 to 12 who soil:  A Boy Like You and A Girl Like You

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