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This single post blog tells the true story of James Parkin, who had encopresis as a child and often messed his pants up to the age of 11.  It is intended to be read by children who have soiling problems and uses simple language to explain why James started having poo accidents and how he was able to overcome his toilet issues.

Many children who soil feel isolated and alone, and are often unable to talk about their bathroom problems with others.  This blog is designed to help them feel less alone and encourage them to try to use the toilet.  Children with encopresis often find comfort from discovering they are not the only child who suffers from this condition and enjoy reading stories about fellow sufferers.  Parents of younger children may prefer to read through James’s story with their child.  It is hoped that the blog also helps parents to start a conversation with their child about their soiling.

Adults who would like to read more about James’s story should go to his blog for parents in which he gives a detailed account of many aspects of his soiling problems: Childhood Soiling

James Parkin has also written two fictional books for children aged 6 to 12 who soil:  A Boy Like You and A Girl Like You

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This is the true story of James.

James was an ordinary boy who lived in an ordinary house with an ordinary mother and father and an ordinary sister.

James was usually a happy child.

But James did one thing that he didn’t want other children to know about.

James often pooed his pants.

Our story starts when James was 3 years old.

James still wore nappies.  Nappies are also called diapers.

James’s mother was trying to potty train him.  James didn’t want to stop playing to use the potty.

When he was 3 and a half, James stopped wearing nappies.
He was now potty trained.  

He did all his pees in the toilet. He didn’t want to wet his big boy pants.

But James didn’t always poo in the toilet.  Sometimes he didn’t want to stop playing.

What James was doing is called withholding.  He often withheld his poo when he didn’t want to stop what he was doing.

But James was wrong.

He couldn’t make his poos disappear.

His poos had to go somewhere.  If James didn’t do his poos in the toilet they would go somewhere else.

Where do you think James’s poos went?

Yes, that’s right, they went in his pants.

James often pooed in his pants and made his underwear messy.  This is called having an accident.

James couldn’t understand why he kept having accidents.  He didn’t do it on purpose.  He didn’t even feel himself pooing in his pants.

Often James had accidents a long time after he had withheld his poo.  He thought he had made his poo go away.  He couldn’t work out why his underwear was messy.

When James pooed himself his mother had to change his pants.

James’s mother loved James more than anything else in the world.

But washing his pooey bottom was a yucky job for her.

She wanted him to always poo in the toilet.

James always said he was sorry when he pooed his pants.  But he couldn’t explain why he kept doing it.  He just didn’t know why he couldn’t  keep his underwear clean.

James’s mother and father thought James was being really naughty.  They thought he was pooing his pants on purpose.

James really wanted to stop having accidents but he didn’t know how to do it.  He still thought that withholding made his poo disappear.

Sometimes he had accidents when he was playing with other children.  His friends wondered why he smelled of poo.  They sometimes guessed that James had pooed his pants.

In the end, James guessed the reason why he had so many accidents.

But James found it hard to stop withholding his poo.  It had become a habit.

  When something is a habit it is hard to stop doing it.

Often James withheld his poo without even thinking about it.  

Sometimes he didn’t even know that he had to do a poo.  His brain didn’t always tell him to go to the toilet.  

He felt sad everytime he knew that he had pooed his pants.

When he was at school, James wouldn’t use the boys toilets when he needed a poo.

James also wouldn’t poo in public toilets when his mother and father took him on trips.  Public toilets are also called restrooms.

He really didn’t like the idea of pulling down his pants and putting his bottom on strange toilet seats.

Instead he always withheld his poo on trips.  He did it without even thinking about it.

Sometimes he had an accident and his mother had to find somewhere to change him.  Both James and his mother found this embarrassing.

Other times he had an accident after he got home again.

When James pooed his pants he never told anyone.  Instead he just carried on playing.

He hated the moment when he knew that he’d had an accident.  He knew his mother would probably scold him.  He also felt ashamed.  He felt he had let his mother and father down by not going to the toilet.

But James should have told someone that he’d had an accident.

Staying in messy underwear was bad for his health and made it harder to clean him up.

It also made it more likely that other children would smell what he’d done.

After a while, his mother would notice that he was smelly and look in his pants to see if he had messed in them.

Now James was starting to feel really sad that he still had toilet problems.

As he got older, his accidents were becoming more embarrassing.

He thought he was the only school aged child in the whole world who still pooed his pants.  He felt really alone with his problem.  He could not talk about it to anyone else.

He decided that he really must always try to use the toilet when he needed a poo.

He tried really hard.  He still forgot sometimes and withheld, but most of the time he went to the toilet.

James still had a few accidents.  He still disliked public toilets.  He tried to use them but withheld sometimes.

When he now had accidents, it was usually on days out.

When he was 11, James pooed himself for the last time.  It was a really embarrassing accident.  He had to walk around in messy underwear for an hour.  There were lots of people around who could smell him and guessed that he had pooed his pants.

James decided he would never avoid using public toilets again.

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